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General Science ➤ Research Aptitude Set Research Basic Concepts
Research Aptitude Set Research Basic Concepts
Question 21
Q21.  Which of the following is defined as a systematic method of evaluating statistical data based on the results of several independent studies of the same problem?
Question 22
Q22.  The quality of a research study is mainly evaluated on the basis of
Question 23
Q23.  Which statement is NOT correct?
Question 24
Q24.  Which of the following periodical is specifically meant for publishing research work?
Question 25
Q25.  Which of the following options are the main tasks of research in modern society?
(I) To keep pace with the advancement in the knowledge
(II) To discover new things
(III) To write a critique on the earlier writings
(IV) To systematically examine and critically analyze the investigations/sources with objectivity

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