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Average = Sum of observations / Number of observations

Average Speed :
Suppose a man covers a certain distance at x kmph and an equal distance at y kmph.
Then, the average speed druing the whole journey is [2xy/(x+y)] kmph.
Question 1
Q1.  The average of four consecutive even numbers is 27. Find the largest of these numbers ?
Question 2
Q2.  The average of 20 numbers is zero. Of them, at the most, how many may be greater than zero ?
Question 3
Q3.  Average age of boys in a class is 16 years and average age of girls is 15 years, what is the average age of all ?
Question 4
Q4.  There are two sections A and B of a class consisting of 36 and 44 students respectively. If the average weight of section A is 40 kg and that of section B is 35 kg, Find the average weight of the whole class ?
Question 5
Q5.  The average of 25 results is 18. The average of 1st 12 of them is 14 and that of last 12 is 17. Find the 13th result.

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