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Spotting Errors

Verbal Ability ➤ Spotting Errors ➤ 1

Each questions has a sentence with three parts labelled (1), (2) and (3). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in any part and indicate your answer in the answer sheet against the corresponding letter i.e., (1) or (2) or (3). If you find no error, your answer should be indicated as (4).

Question 96
Q96.  I like this book because the writer has explained (1)/ the reasons (2)/ of his failure truly. (3)/ No error (4)
Question 97
Q97.  She is very weak in the subject (1)/ and does not understand things (2)/ though the teacher explains her repeatedly. (3)/ No error (4)
Question 98
Q98.  The speaker from the Fifth Avenue, (1)/ who was a rich bankers wife (2)/ was simple and compassionate. (3)/ No error (4)
Question 99
Q99.  There was no any piece of paper (1)/ in my pocket (2)/ as I had expected. (3)/ No error (4)
Question 100
Q100.  Neither the teacher (1)/ or the student (2)/ is keen on joining the dance. (3) No error (4)
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