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Rearrange the following sentences in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below them:
Question 11

A. Two, services by itself is becoming an increasingly important part of manufacturing, a phenomenon known as "servicification".
B. Deteriorating trade ties between the US and China are bad for the world economy.
C. These opportunities stem from two important global trends.
D. Put together, these trends present India with an opportunity to boost both economic growth and high value job creation, while compensating for the steady loss of ground of traditional outsourcing.
E. One, digitisation is disrupting traditional business models and making it easier for companies to split services across continents.
F. But they also present India with opportunities to integrate more tightly into the high end dimension of cross-border economic activities.

Q1. Which would be the second sentence after Rearrangement?
Q2. Which would be the Fifth sentence after Rearrangement?
Q3. Which would be the First sentence after Rearrangement?
Q4. Which would be the Third sentence after Rearrangement?
Q5. Which would be Fourth sentence after Rearrangement?

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