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Reasoning ➤ Direction And Distance
On Paper North is always on top while South is always in bottom.
Question 1
Q1.  A and B start walking, from a point, in opposite directions. A covers 3 km and B covers 4 km. Then A turns right and walks 4 km while B turns left and walks 3 km. How far is each from the starting point ?
Question 2
Q2.  Q travels towards East. M travels towards North. S and T travel in opposite directions. T travels towards right of Q. Which of the following is definitely true ?
Question 3
Q3.  P, Q, R, S and T are sitting around a circular table. R is to the right of P and is second to the left of S. T is not between P and S. Who is second to the left of R ?
Question 4
Q4.  Of the five villages P, Q, R, S and T situated close to each other, P is to west of Q, R is to the south of P, T is to the north of Q, and S is to the east of T. Then R is in which direction with respect to S ?
Question 5
Q5.  M is to the East of D, F is to the South of D and K is to the West of F. M is in which direction with respect to K ?

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