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Puzzles ➤ Lateral Thinking Set 1
Lateral Thinking Set 1
Question 1
Q1.  Five friends with surname Batliwala, Pocketwala, Talawala, Chunawala and Natakwala have their first name and middle name as follow. 1. Four of them have a first and middle name of Paresh.
2. Three of them have a first and middle name of Kamlesh.
3. Two of them have a first and middle name of Naresh.
4. One of them have a first and middle name of Elesh.
5. Pocketwala and Talawala, either both are named Kamlesh or neither is named Kamlesh.
6. Either Batliwala and Pocketwala both are named Naresh or Talawala and Chunawala both are named Naresh.
7. Chunawala and Natakwala are not both named Paresh.

Who is named Elesh?
Question 2
Q2.  There are 4 mugs placed upturned on the table. Each mug have the same number of marbles and a statement about the number of marbles in it. The statements are: Two or Three, One or Four, Three or One, One or Two.

Only one of the statement is correct. How many marbles are there under each mug?
Question 3
Q3.  One absentminded ancient philosopher forgot to wind up his only clock in the house. He had no radio, TV, telephone, internet, or any other means for telling time. So he traveled on foot to his friend's place few miles down the straight desert road. He stayed at his friend's house for the night and when he came back home, he knew how to set his clock. How did he know?
Question 4
Q4.  You have three jars that are all mislabeled. One contains peanut butter jelly beans, another grape jelly jelly beans and the third has a mix of both (not necessarily half-half mix). How many jelly beans would you have to pull out and out of which jars, to find out how to fix the labels on the jars?

Labels on jars are as follows
Jar 1 : Peanut butter
Jar 2 : Grape
Jar 3 : P.b. / Grape
Question 5
Q5.  Mr. Fisher is a night watchman in a large company. On a certain morning when Mr. Fisher wants to go home, his boss tells him: "I'll go for a business trip to Norway. Tomorrow I will depart from Heathrow airport." Mr. Fisher however advises him to take a boat. "Why should I?" asked the president. "This night I dreamed that the plane to Norway crashes, just before it will land," is the response. The president smiles first, but since he is pretty superstitious he decides to take the boat. When he arrives in Norway, he is told that the plane which he should have taken had crashed. When the president returns from the trip, he gives a big reward to Mr. Fisher and immediately fires him. Why?

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