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How to edit any PDF file using Google Docs : Tutorial

Tags : #editPDF #GoogleDocs #HowTo   Author : Akshayy Kumar
Updated : 20-Jul-2021

Google Docs is one of the most-widely used online word processors used to edit and create documents. However, not many users know that they can also edit PDF files on Google docs. In fact this can be done natively, without the need for any third-party app.

Here is how you can edit a PDF file using Google Docs: 1. Open Google Drive and upload a PDF by using the Upload icon. 2. Open the PDF you uploaded on Google Docs Right click on the pdf > Open with Google Docs 3. Now you can edit the PDF in Google Docs. 4. After you are done editing save it as PDF again. File> Download> PDF Document (.pdf) Note: 1. All PDF files might not open in Google Docs 2. The formatting and images of the PDF file might get disturbed.

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