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Aptitude ➤ Averages ➤ Set 1
Average = Sum of observations / Number of observations

Average Speed :
Suppose a man covers a certain distance at x kmph and an equal distance at y kmph.
Then, the average speed druing the whole journey is [2xy/(x+y)] kmph.
Question 26
Q26.  The average monthly expenditure of a family for the first four months is Rs 2570, for the next three months Rs 2490 and for the last five months Rs 3030, if the family saves Rs 5320 during the whole year, the average monthly income of the family during the year is :
Question 27
Q27.  If the arithmetic mean of 3a and 4b is greater than 50, and a is twice b, then the smallest possible integer value of a is :
Question 28
Q28.  Of three numbers, the first is 4 times the second and 3 times the third. If the average of all the three numbers is 95, what is the third number ?
Question 29
Q29.  Of the three numbers, the first number is twice of the second and the second number is thrice of the third number. If the average of these 3 numbers is 20, then the sum of the largest and smallest numbers is :
Question 30
Q30.  Mean of 10 numbers is 30. Later on it was observed that numbers 15,23 are wrongly taken as 51,32. The correct mean is :

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